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〚 Calculate total number of days between two dates. 〛

Days Between Dates ➜ Online Days Calculator

The days' calculator is an online tool or website that allows you to calculate the difference in days between two dates. When you enter the website, you will see the tool, enter the Start Date and End Date, and click on the Calculate button to get the result. This web application calculates days as well as the month, week, hour, minutes, seconds, etc. so that the user can get all kinds of data in one place. Days between dates calculator helps you to calculate days without paper or pen.

dates between dates

We are now in the digital age and this is the biggest reason to create this tool. If we continue to solve these small problems in this digital world with pen and paper for hours then the issue will not be settled. Thanks to this digital era, this days calculator website enables us to save hours and solve problems quickly.

In addition to the "Days between dates" calculator, millions of tools have been developed to provide users with benefits so that they can save time and easily solve problems by getting out of the formula crowd. In addition to the days' calculator, we call it different names like date calculator, days counter, days between two dates, etc.

➧ How to use?

If you look at the days' counter tool, you will see that our tool has Five main parts 1.) Start date 2.) End date 3.) Include end date 4.) Calculate button 5.) Reset button. Using this tool is not rocket science, any user can easily use this web application without any special skills. The method of use is given below in detail.

1. Start Date - In this input box, you need to input the start date in DD / MM / YYYY format from the day you start day duration. These boxes will have a default value from the beginning, and you will input your start date by editing it. You can select the value by dropdown it in the Day and Month box, and you have to input the value of the year from the keyboard.

2. End Date - Here the current date is the default value, like the start date, you have to edit this field and input the end date.

3. Include End Date - Include and date is a check box that will help you to include the end date. If you check this box, one day will be added to your result, which will calculate till the last date you entered.

4. Calculate and Reset -We can see the Calculate and Reset buttons at the bottom of the Tools. We use the calculate button to get the final result, and if our entered date is wrong or we want to enter a different date then we use the reset button, this button brings the tools to default.

➧ Benefits of days Between Dates Calculator

We have been calculating days between dates since ancient times, but it was a long process that we used to calculate using formulas. We used to spend a lot of time in this process, so thanks to the digital world today we can easily measure the difference between two dates with the help of days between dates calculator. For example, we can use this calculator for different purposes like Vacation Day, Challenge Completion Day, Project Complete Day, etc. Some examples are given below.

  • You can take advantage of this tool when you plan any work like office work, fitness challenges, project work, goal achievement, etc.
  • This calculator plays a special role for the students, it helps them to schedule their studies by determining how much time is left for their exams.
  • We also use the days between date calculator to calculate how many days are left to celebrate memorable days like the next birthday, wedding anniversary, etc.

➧ How to Calculate Days Between Two Dates

Counting the days between the two dates goes back to the old days, at that time people used to spend a lot of time counting the days with the help of formulas, and in today's digital age, we are easily counting the days with the help of tools. We will learn to count the days through the following two methods.

➛ Manually Calculation

Suppose your exam final exam is on 15th October and today is 15th August, then we will see below how many days you have to complete your study.

We need to know the number of days in a month to find out the difference between the two dates, such as 31 days in August, 30 days in September, and 31 days in October.

Then we will subtract the date from the total day of August such as 31 - 15 = 16 days. We get all days of September, That is 30 days, and till the 15th of October, That is 15 days.

So we see that you have 16 + 30 + 15 = 61 days till the final exam in which you have to complete the study.

➛ Digitally Calculation

With the help of the Days between dates tool, We will be able to easily find the difference between any two dates without any pen and paper. This tool is very easy to use, you just input the date in the input box and click the calculate button to get the result.

dates between two dates

➧ How to Make Days Counter Tool?

This Days Counter web application has been created for the convenience of the people so that people can easily count the days between the two dates. To make this tool user-friendly its user interface has been kept very simple, and this tool has been device friendly such as a mobile, tablet, desktop, and laptop.

This project has been completed with the help of several programming languages ​​like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, etc.


➛ Is this tool gives exact result?

Yes, these tools give you the exact result, whether it is leap year or normal.

➛ What is the daily calculation limit?

No Limit, you can use this tool absolutely free without any limitation.

➛ What is the formula of days counter?

Normally there is no formula for days counter but for Excel sheet we can use formula = DAYS (25-October-21, 25-October-2022).